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How does the internet in business differ from the internet at home?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the internet connection becomes unstable for a while, data transfer or uploading is slow or simply stops? When this happens, it means that we are sharing our internet connection with other internet users in the area. Most of the time this happens during peak internet hours, which can lead to frustration and work interruptions for some people.

Solution & How to

Cloud PBX New telephone system for businesses, No branch phone required

Today’s means of communication are changing with the ever-evolving technology, especially the telephone. The mobile phone has become a 5th necessity in life, where mobile phones can be more than just phone calls, but also other solutions such as email messaging, photo taking, social media or financial transactions. Phones with these functions are called “smart phones”

Education in spotlight

How to install large school internet system without dead spot

Time when the internet plays an important role in life as the fifth basic need, the internet in education has for some time been crucial in improving the efficiency of education. During the pandemic COVID-19, the internet is most used in education as all educational institutions cannot work as usual. Therefore, the introduction of the internet in the teaching and learning process has caused a great disruption. This can truly be called an “educational disorder”, leading to a complete “digital educational disorder” in Thailand


เราพร้อมให้คำปรึกษา เพราะความสำเร็จ ของคุณคือความภูมิใจของเรา

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