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with the policy of pushing Thailand to step into  Thailand 4.0  which is the era in which telecommunication systems And various technologies have become another important infrastructure to strengthen the country’s competitiveness. For this reason, government agencies and government organizations Therefore, the development of various systems must be accelerated in response to the government’s policies. and serving the people with leapfrog efficiency

NT Government Solutions is an integrated telecommunication service for government agencies. and government organizations that brings technology experience combined with a deep understanding of government regulations to support all agencies to optimize the use of various telecommunication systems seamlessly

Public service solution

  • Internet and communication systems to support public service in public areas in a comprehensive, adequate and safe manner
  • Able to connect to the original service that the agency has in its entirety
  • Able to support rapid volume expansion and suitable for the budget Support for designing usage reports so that the agency can use the information to continuously improve the service of the people

Federal Government/HQ

  • A communication system that can support high traffic and continuous use.
  • There is a management system that can set policies for use by departments of the organization. with specialist staff assigned to take care of each job and has a comprehensive network including being able to effectively support urgent and emergency missions

Local Government

  • Flexible communication system can support the use of government agencies of all sizes.
  • Able to design services in accordance with the budget received by the segment There is a customer care officer and on-site technical staff who can access the site quickly and have experts who can help give advice in all aspects

A communications service provider that meets government service standards.

  • It is a state enterprise agency that understands the process of working according to various government procedures.
  • There is a standard working process. can check and have sub-departments spread across the country Take care of the service thoroughly
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